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Crystal Awards

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custom crystal awards

Every employee likes recognition for a job well-done, and crystal awards accomplish that. The number one reason that people leave an employer isn’t compensation. It’s the lack of appreciation. Westside Stamp & Awards helps companies retain valuable employees by providing them with stunning awards they can give their employees in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Recognizing Performance

Crystal awards are a symbol of excellence. They are a perfect choice to award employees for a wide variety of achievements, including:

  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Overachiever Award
  • Exemplary Character Award
  • Top Teamwork Award
  • Mentorship Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Extraordinary Diligence Award
  • Tenure Award
  • Top Sales Award
  • Employee of the Month Award

Walk through any office, and you’ll see people proudly displaying past awards they have won. Besides photos of loved ones, there is nothing they would rather have noticed than one of the above awards. A good employee puts forth extraordinary effort to produce high quality work day in and day out. An employer recognizing them for this effort is not only appreciated by employees, but it also raises employee morale as well.

custom crystal awards

custom crystal awards

Creating Brand Loyalty

People love “swag,” which is slang describing giveaways offered by companies. Swag is often golf balls, pens, cups, calendars, or keychains. It’s a way to promote a company’s brand and create brand loyalty.

Crystal awards also create brand loyalty among employees.  A company logo on a well-deserved award sitting on an employee’s desk instills a sense of pride in an employee for the company they represent. This pride in their employer goes a long way when a competitor comes knocking and is offering the employee a better compensation package. Many people have turned down offers of higher pay and stayed with a company to which they are loyal. Having received awards from their employer is a big part of creating that loyalty.

Crystal awards come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes available are:

  • Tear Drop
  • Diamond
  • Arrowhead
  • Round
  • Pyramid
  • Star
  • Square
  • Skyscraper

Explore Premier Crystal and Glass to see the wide variety of choices available.

Appreciated by All

In addition to adding an elegant appearance to a workspace, these awards can also function as paperweights and be etched on glassware.

Crystal awards not only make great employee awards, but they also are appreciated as awards by participants in many sports and activities, including:

  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball

In addition to employees and athletes, these stylish awards are very appropriate for recognizing teachers and first-responders.

At Westside Stamp & Awards, we expertly engrave all styles of crystal awards. Make your ceremony special by giving recognition to extraordinary people with distinctive crystal awards.

crystal awards cube

Custom Laser Engraving

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Custom Laser Engraving Products Example

Just a few example products and surfaces we can custom laser engrave

Custom laser engraving is the perfect way to personalize almost anything. Accordingly, there are very few surfaces that can’t be engraved. Wood, glass, and metal are great surfaces for engraving names, dates, and events. Just about anything that can be imagined can be engraved.

The engraving process itself is quite interesting. Much like in the movies, an engraving machine is pointed at the object, focusing on the area to be engraved. Then, the beam removes the surface of the area on which it is pointed, creating a cavity that can be seen by the human eye.

Because of the high temperature of the laser beam, the material vaporizes, not drips. This results in creating a cavity that the engraver is then seeing, such as a design or a company name. Observing carefully, the engraver is creating a great looking design or inscription.

Custom Laser Engraving History

The engraving of objects has been done for a very long time. Organizations such as Little League, AYSO soccer leagues and the Girl Scouts are just a few of the organizations that have been giving out trophies and awards for decades. When looking at the engraved awards, many people are asking themselves how great looking inscriptions end up on so many objects.

Custom Laser Engraving Machine

Yes that is right, we can even engrave pies!

When looking at a trophy case, a person will be seeing many great examples of laser engraving. Not surprisingly, there are many more items being engraved as well.

Laser Engraved Items

What are some of the items that custom laser engraving can be used on? Looking at so many items that could be engraved, seeing is believing that there are so many items to choose from. Some of them are:

  • beverage cups
  • glassware
  • binders and notebooks
  • gun barrels
  • knives
  • wooden plaques and awards
  • trophies
  • keychains
  • bottle openers
  • wine bottles

Why are so many people enjoying engraved items? Many companies are giving away items every day promoting their organization. They’re finding that people like to be associated with a company brand, especially one that is well known in the community.

Also, growing companies are finding that the more they are getting their name out in front of the public, the more newer customers they are getting. This is a great reason for young companies to be investing in themselves with unique advertising.

Westside Stamp and Awards is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom laser engraving needs. Investing in a laser engraving machine is our way of saying that we’re committed to bringing the best in laser engraving to you and your organization. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We’re happy to help.